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1st Battle of Newbury – Feedback

Dear Ian and members of the ECWS.

Please accept warmest congratulations on the superb event over the weekend.

I heard nothing but positive feedback from all those I spoke to and my own experience with my little grandson on Sunday was of nothing but interest, patience and dedication to helping residents of the 21st century gain a deeper insight in to the events and lifestyle of the 17th Century.

A huge credit to you all for a safe and superbly organised event.

I have this morning sent the below letter to the editor of the Newbury Weekly News.

It was a great pleasure to have met you and your team and congratulations once again.


May I through your columns, pay tribute to the superb re-enactment commemorating the 375th anniversary  of the First Battle of Newbury held at Cope Hall this weekend.

The English Civil War Society brought the atmosphere around Newbury in 1643 vividly to life, and importantly, not only showed the military elements of the civil war but included evocative and fascinating cameos of the domestic life of ordinary people throughout this turbulent period in our country’s history.

Geographically, Newbury has been a cross roads and a focus of events throughout history, but the First Battle of Newbury in 1643 is regarded as one of the pivotal moments where parliament first realised that Charles 1st and the royalist cause could be beaten, deposing an autocratic monarch and leading eventually to parliamentary democracy.

Newbury has much to be proud of and I am sure many Newburyians came away from the event with a deeper knowledge of the life, times and conditions which have shaped our community.  Well done to the ECWS for your hard work, commitment and passion and well done to the many groups, businesses and individuals which sponsored and supported such an evocative, memorable and fitting tribute to those who were involved in the civil war around Newbury.

Your very sincerely.

Dave Stubbs

Wash Common