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Valence House

13th & 14th July

Rawdon’s Regiment are hosting a return to Valence House in North East London as they once again engage in deadly combat against the Trayned Bandes of Parliamentarian London. This is an Event Free to visitors thanks to Valence House Museum and Barking and Dagenham Council taking place on Saturday 13th July and Sunday 14th July. Come and visit the Royalists’ Historical Campsite around Valence House itself, see the Soldiers firing the Cannon and muskets, watch them practicing with the 16′ long Pike as they prepare for battle with Parliamentarian soldiers despatched from London later in the afternoon. . Also come and meet civilians from the village of  ‘Dagenham’ in Essex as they demonstrate their crafts and skills outside the House.

To find out more about the Event, you can look up the Valence House Website: Hands on History: Cavaliers Vs Roundheads – Valence House

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