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This page contains links to other websites relevant to the English Civil War.

British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate

From the signing of the Scottish National Covenant of 1638 to the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, this site explores the turmoil of the Civil Wars and Interregnum, and the constitutional experiments of the Commonwealth and Protectorate period of the 1650s.

The Battlefields Trust

A registered charity dedicated to preserving, promoting and interpreting Britain’s battlefield sites.  In particular, their resource centre is worth looking at for its extensive references, maps and diagrams of battlefields in the UK.

The Naseby Battlefield Project

Naseby was the most important battle ever fought on English soil. The Naseby Battlefield Project’s mission is that visitors to this iconic heritage site have access to the best facilities, information and interpretation.  

The Cromwell Museum

The Cromwell Museum is home to the best collection of items relating to the life and times of Oliver Cromwell on public display anywhere in the world. The collection comprises over 800 items, including portraits, clothing, miniatures, arms and armour, historical documents written by or about Cromwell, and displays one of his death masks.

Oliver Cromwell’s House

Visit the former Lord Protector’s family home, the only one of his residences still in existence other than Hampton Court. Following a refurbishment, our House now boasts a completely re-vamped Civil War Exhibition with impressive interactive displays and interpretations.

Boscobel House and the Royal Oak (English Heritage)

Boscobel House and its Royal Oak tree became famous as hiding places of King Charles II after defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. After Charles’s visit Boscobel remained a working farm, and today you can visit the lodge, farmyard, gardens and a descendant of The Royal Oak. White Ladies Priory, another of Charles’s hiding places, is a short walk away.

The Banqueting House (Historic Royal Palaces)

Admire the epic Rubens’ ceiling and discover the site of Charles I’s execution at Banqueting House, Whitehall.

Basing House

Unearth the amazing stories of Basing House, the nationally important ruins and grounds of the largest private house in Tudor England, which suffered at the hands of Oliver Cromwell during the English Civil War.

The National Civil War Centre

Discover how the people of Newark survived three sieges by dodging cannon fire, hammering flat family silver to make coins, only for plague to ravage the town. Put yourself on the front line, feel the weight of armour and weapons and aim to destroy the Governor’s House as a Parliamentarian gunner.

The Ordnance Society

A society specialising in the history of ordnance (cannons, artillery and ammunition).