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The Exchequer

A new educational handout

This new ECWS educational handout describes the evolution of the Exchequer department of government, with particular emphasis on the seventeenth century.  The term ‘exchequer’ comes from the squared coloured cloth or painted table on which the Exchequer officials used counters called ‘jettons’ to count income and expenditure for the Crown.  It describes the role of the Barons who sat as judges on disputes over Crown land and revenue, the role of the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the auditors who toured the country to check up on the revenue owed to the Crown.  The Exchequer was also responsible for some of the standards of weights and coinage.

Society members can obtain a copy of the handout from via the members’ area of the website. Ask your CO for access if you need to.

Copies can be made available to educational establishments, for a small donation. Please enquire by emailing