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12 facts about the Stuarts

They immediately succeeded the Tudors, and reigned over some of the most monumentally changeable times in British history – civil war, rebellion, the beheading of a king, plague outbreaks, a disastrous fire and a successful foreign invasion. Yet the Stuarts remain a largely overlooked dynasty

The Stuarts reigned from 1603 to 1714, and there were seven Stuart monarchs of Britain: James VI and I; Charles I; Charles II; James II and VII; William III and II; Mary II; and Anne. Two lords protectors interrupted this dynastic line in the middle of the 17th century: Oliver Cromwell, followed by his son, Richard.

The age of the Stuarts proved to be the dawn of the Enlightenment, when Britain shook off the shackles of its medieval past. This tumultuous time saw advances in science and medicine, and the emergence of new philosophical ideas…

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