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Harvington Hall, DY10 4LR

Saturday and Sunday 5th& 6th August 2023

A Very Uncivil War

After nearly a decade of a destructive civil war between the Monarchy and his Parliament, King Charles I has been executed but still his Royalist supporters fight on until the bitter end

The date is early September 1651, Lady Abigail Parkington and her household have managed to survive the chaos although Parliamentarian forces had pillaged the hall in 1644 but otherwise she had managed to keep herself and the Hall safe

Something was going on, reports from local people said that they had seen large numbers of soldiers heading towards Worcester, they weren’t local and spoke in a strange tongue so Lady Packington thought they were probably Scottish. 

Only a few days ago, a large body of cavalry, dressed in grey and armed with lances had moved along the Worcester Road from Kidderminster and locals reported a great deal of thieving and vandalism as they went. This wasn’t unusual and the people were sick of this upheaval in their lives

This looked serious to Lady Packington and the household were concerned at what was about to happen, reports started to be heard that there was a huge battle in Worcester and the Parliamentarian forces had destroyed the last remaining Royalist army primarily made up of Scots.

What was to happen now in this very uncivil war?

11.00 am to 4.00 pm on both days. For tickets see the Hall website

Presented by Colonel Nicholas Devereux’s Regiment